About Me

I'm an embedded/systems engineer and manager. I'm a Linux expert and experience C and Golang programmer. Most recently, I owned a freelancing/startup for two years. The bootstrapped startup failed on a product pivot, and now looking for full-time employment. Willing to relocate and/or work remotely. As of today (01/17/2019), I can start almost immediately.

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Why change to full-time employment over self-employment?

I believe in setting measurable goals and remaining accountable to them. Based on that, this is clearly the best choice for my career goals.

Work Experience

Founder @ Autopogo Inc - June-Dec '18

With all my experience, I recognized the need for better testing solutions to help move prototype electronic products to production. I envisioned (and prototyped, with a team I recruited and managed) a online CAD software for designing a custom test apparatus that would report test results to the cloud.

Owner @ Tplot Engineering LLC, (dba circuitandcode.com) - Aug '16-June '18

My three longest-running clients are featured (>1yr), and a more relevant client, but there were many short term contracts.

IW (Client #1)

Besides the hardware, I developed a secure operating system for a ARM Microcontroller. I developed the drivers for hardware-accelerated cryptocacluators and employed them to give a key-protected UX interface (electron) access to near-field RF functions on a powered key. The operating system was a polling Duff's Device OS written in C.

EB (Client #2)

This was mainly hard work, but I developed software tests to perform quality control as well.

FL (Client #3)

Client #3 centered around touch screen development and other LCD implementation. This is where I did my largest amount of kernel-layer work for integrating touch screens with Linux as well as low-level driver development, building assembly drivers for LCDs out of cheap microcontrollers that then interfaced with Linux.

uT (Client #4)

Client #4 was a failed startup which I did a couple months of contract work for before I think the CEO understood the scope of the investment they were making (not dissimilar to my experience with Autopogo). I built a Node framework with AWS, Raspberry Pi, and a client wireframe (in vanilla JS and bootstrap) that gave users remote access to engineering testing equipment.

I've been working non-stop since I was 16. I managed a grocer, worked as a waiter, and spent significant time and experience as EMT.

Education Experience

I studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Connecticut but dropped out right before graduation (6 credits) due to severe family and then financial issues. I am absolutely looking to finish my degree parttime online during employment.


Career Goals

I'm looking to develop a set of technology skills that I can take into the future on important projects, I'm looking to improve my network and my management skills. I want to ship incredible and loved software. I'm looking to settle down into a position for a few years where I can operate aggressively but still maintain work-life balance.